Get What You Deserve

by Hangover Generation

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Second album is called "Get What You Deserve", Pogohai Records, it's been recorded during spring and summer 2014. Like a kinda of "Worst of..." includes brand new songs and old stuff re-edited.

Line-up: Marleo-vocals, Nick-guitar, Paco-bass guitar, Martin-drums


released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Hangover Generation Berlin, Germany

A mix of Street Punk-77-82 from Switzerland. Like a bomb in your head when you are hangover and the blame is, the night before! THE SOLUTION IS ALCOHOL!

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Track Name: Punx Drunx & Rebels
Punx like me always being outrageous on the streets! Drunks like me never say no to a couple of drinks! Rebels like me don’t need any state, we got no emotions justfuckin hate

For punx drunx & rebels!
Track Name: Stereotype
Blondy plastic pussy fill the the tv bullshit gossip and stupid lie,what do u wanna see? Real estate a wallet full of money even the shit taste as sweet honey

Get a son, go to work and consume what a perfect life i still prefer drink cheap booze and get high wasting my time, in endless nightmare night confusion it s what i see,
i am still lost in my mind

At the eyes of normal people we are just maverick destroy their conformity let’s take another brick stereotype aren’t done for me, i don ‘t wanna be a golden boy nothing last forever their end it’s my joy

The sterotypes are all around us, you think to be free but it s just another lie even in that scene of this movement that means freedom we are so full of em, we are people before what we wear stop with you gossip full of lie and make punk a threath again

There is no escape for the human kind
As a soldier in to the line
They get what they need
They aren t done for me
Track Name: The Solution (2014 version)
Too much ain’t enough, too much and don t stop a buch of wasted kids with no dreams and hope

Drink it for have fun or to forget the sorrow
we don t really care if there is no tomorrow

I can t live like this, i should cut the fucking noose clean your mind with tons booze

The solution is alcohol!
Hanging out all night long
And we wanna always more
Track Name: It's Never Enough
Let’s get a six pack of beer, that’s all I want. What the fuck more do you need? I don’t really give a fuck of which days or hours is
A life without abuse is not for me

Give me to drink, give me a thrill, i wanna just lose control, let’s built a joint with some weed, do you wanna sleep? Dude,you are in the wrong place, Let’s take some marker, i will paint and write on your face

My eyes are nearly closed and i have lost control tonight, they throw me out of the bar,
with the first sunny light, it’s time to find a market all around, for our wasted crew it’s never enough!

It’s never enough!
Limitess and insane night
Pushed to the limits someone could die
It’s my useless life
I love these wasted nights
Track Name: Friends (2014 version)
I hope the days spend with you won’t pass too soon, when we were all night and we slept till afternoon, fuck what society pretends and the world too, all I wanna it s just another night will my friends

This song is dedicated to the meaning of my life, the only people who are always with me
They never leave me alone in the streets at night, they are always with me, when the trouble starts

What I feel for em is not a lie
We have got nothing to do in the city
But when I m with em, an emotion let beat my heart
And emotion let beat my heart forever

My friends forever in my heart
Will never forget you
Track Name: D. M. W. B.
Burn the van with blatoidea, “did you see the show disappear”? Second time where the fuck is the van! “Another nightmare has just began” find a solution,we must to forget no limitis no control, been there it s always a healty threat, forget about it,it’s what we really need another shows, another city do you know what I mean?

Punx drunk and rebels, your worst fear
Bloody nose, tired eyes and broken dreams
through our bottles the city will fall down
and tonight we gonna burn the city down

This the new year eve, all the guys are getting wild, drink till midday, the sun are getting shine, more and more troubles,everything
turn to shit don t mess with this damned city
No don’t mess with it

Another crappy story
No day after’s glory
For us no place in heaven

The best part of my life
This explosive nights
For us no place in heaven
Track Name: Blood Sweat And Cry
Dear Fortuna fuck you and you way,
Hangover Generation are here to stay

Marleo always find troubles with the women
The new one is more crazy than the last one
He can’t sleep, he lives in paranoia, all his problems are running so fast

Nick has to pay a lot of money, cause when he was drunk he has broken a glass, nobody want him to work, he belongs to the
criminal class

Martin always got no money to pay the expensive ticket of the train, He has learnd another excuse, He will do it again and again

Paco is nearly dead and gone, just to have try some new mix with booze, but after than he isn’t change, He doesn’t wanna stop it
and muse

Meet new friends and see new places, always with a smile in our faces, but now please pass me more booze, of everything we will gonna abuse

Bunch of drunk who are come from nowhere
Listen to this history isn t so fair
We aren t looking for love or compassion
We just get blood, sweat and cry
Track Name: No Politicians (2014 version)
Do you remember the begin? All was so genuine, looks now, in the 2014, what the fuck have we got?

Don’t enjoy their idead, they just want control your mind, it’s the same old shit, don’t support’em, never agree

We don’t want no politicians, we don’t want it no more, bring it back punk to when it was just anger and raw

Fuck their blind politics, and fuck their right wing, stop talking in the tv, bring back war in the streets

No politicians!
We don’t wanna no more
At the punk rock show
Track Name: What I Detest
Go to school and agree at everything, don’t ask but especially don’t think, spread hate against the whole world, i am sick of this shit, i don’t wanna it no more

Economy it’s the only thing to care about nobody is hearing, the poor’s shout,
the masses are diyng,the system last long this isn’t my world, to this shit i don’t belong

Get a son who continues the tradition break this chains,i got different ambitions fake feelings, fake people fake smiles listen to me, all alone you will die!

Day by day I am getting mad
I am living on the edge
Conformity it’s their request
Fuck their control, they are what i detest
Track Name: Still No Hope (2014 version)
The school is finally over but now you are condemned to fight against em before you will get excepted.

Remeber when you was a child, you was hoping to grow up soon be a person so cool 4nd maybe go to the moon.

Forget all you plans this life is so full of pain there is nothing left to gain but try to don’t get down again

No dreams for me and you
And no works too
There is nothing left to do
Still no hope for the youth